The Top Three Events In Calgary

The Top Three Events In Calgary

If you have ever wanted to visit Canada and explore this country, then we would recommend you to visit Calgary. This is one of the metropolitan cities, with beautiful skyscrapers and it’s a center of Canada’s oil industry. Considering that Calgary has adopted western culture, this town has earned a Cowtown name because it hosts massive rodeos and festivals throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity for families to spend some fun time here. If you don’t know what to visit, and which event to attend, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.

Calgary Winterfest

Each year Calgary Winterfest takes place in February and lasts for 11 days. This event is dedicated to the 1988 Winter Olympics and celebrates the fun of winter, including a lot of music, dancing, eating and representing the town’s diverse culture. If you want to surprise your family, then this is a perfect event, and we are sure you will have a lot of fun with the locals.

Scotiabank Calgary Marathon

If you are more of a sports type, then Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is an excellent opportunity to let loose and enjoy beautiful May weather. Back in 1963, 19 lined up at the Glenmore Stadium to run the first race in Western Canada, and since then, this has become a custom. When though, this is a fun event, it’s also challenging, and each race is designed for a particular type of people. For example, you have 5km, 10 km, 21,1km and 42,2 km long races. So, depending on your readiness, you can participate and have a great time with your family and friends.

Canadian Rockies International Rodeo

You are probably aware that Calgary is famous for its rodeos that are a three-day unique experience. These events include bull riding and calf roping, and here men and women take equal parts in competing. You can also hear live music, attend the carnival, dance and participate in Saturday parade. Considering that rode takes place in June, the weather and warm and beautiful, perfect for the summer activities and hanging out with your friends.

Three Steps To Hire The Best Airborne Catering Staff

Three Steps To Hire The Best Airborne Catering Staff

Catering is an essential part of every successful business, and if you want to have satisfied passengers, then you need to offer them delicious food and beverages. If you are a private aviator company, then you know how much your services depend on other people. Having an excellent cuisine on your plane will not only satisfy your passengers but also make them use your company services all over again. If you are in need of a new caterer company, then we have a couple of useful advice for you.

Know what you are looking for

Know what you are looking forConsidering that Calgary has a lot of catering services and if you are looking for the best staff, then you need to know which one to choose. They all have different fields of business and expertise, and in this case, you need to hire people who are specially trained to work in such conditions. Many people would say that catering service is all about the food, but it also has to do with the people you are working. The last thing you need is some weirdo preparing the food for your clients and passengers.

Start your search early

If you are not sure which caterer company to hire, then start your search early. You will surely find a large number of potential services, but you need to assess their capabilities and finally decide which one of them is the best for you. When you start early, this gives you many possibilities and longer time to think and plan about everything in advance.  You can also compare the prices and the menus they offered and based on that assessment you can select what is right for you.

Test their services

Before you indicate any collaboration with the company, you need to test their services. They all promise excellent conditions, high rates, and delicious food, but not many of them deliver the promised. For example, you can send them an email and see how long it takes them to respond, or are they willing to discuss your demands and requests?

How To Hire The Best Caterer Service In Calgary

How To Hire The Best Caterer Service In Calgary

If you are in need of an excellent caterer service, then you need to know some basic rules; otherwise, your entire celebration may be ruined. It doesn’t matter what type of an event you are hosting; it is mandatory to provide your guest tasty and quality food. Considering that Calgary and huge city, there are a lot of caterers on the market, but you need to choose the best one. In this case, we have a couple of suggestions for you, which will help you have a great party and enjoy the delicious food.

Is caterer responsive to your wishes

Overall, this question came over and over again because you can’t host a successful event if the service isn’t appropriate. When you have an initial meeting, it is essential to pay attention to caterer’s behavior and how they will perform during the length of the contract. Many caterers will claim to have the best food on the market and the most competitive price, but the reality is entirely different. If you see that caterer is interested in your demands and wishes and will they quickly return to your calls and requests?

Can they handle specific events?

Considering the competition on the market, the same case is with Calgary caterers. When you decide to hire their services, you will have a variety to choose, but make sure to select the caterer that fits your needs. For example, if you are organizing a wedding, then choose a caterer company that offers this type of service. Otherwise, your event will be jeopardized, and you will have to hire additional help.

Are they flexible regarding a menu?

Many caterer services don’t want to let go their menu and change the list of a meal, which we can understand. They already have the team of people who are working together to combine and make the best meals. But, if you have a specific idea in your mind, are they willing to change even the slightest things?  If you can’t reach an agreement with them, then it’s better to move on.

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