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What we offer

Our restaurant offers a variety of services, and we will present you some of the most popular ones:



One of our goals is to satisfy the needs of our clients, and we want to provide you the best service on the market. If you are planning an event or celebration, then you don’t have to think about the food, we will organize everything, based on your demands and deliver on home address.


Organizing Events

Our restaurant understands that sometimes organizing events take up too much time and energy. So, this is one of the reasons why we decided to offer this service. We have a team of educated professionals who plan everything, even the smallest details. Your success is our success.


Events in Calgary

Considering that Calgary is a big city in Canada, we have a lot of activities planned throughout the year. Our restaurant covers all happenings and provides the best service in the market. If you have visited any of our events, then you have undoubtedly tried our food.

Food and drink

We have a variety of food and beverages in our offer, and it doesn’t matter what type of event you are planning, we got you covered. Our restaurant is one of the best in Calgary, and we offer high – quality service for our clients. So, if you are interested in food and drinks we provide and you want to organize an event or a celebration, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why are we different

We are one of the few restaurants in Calgary which provide fully customized service. For instance, if you are planning some event, you can create your personal menu with our help, you are not required to use our previously made menus. Also, if you want to have a relaxing meal with your family and friends, then we will make that possible. Just book your table, and we are looking forward to meeting you.

What People are Saying

I often visit this restaurant because they have the best food in Calgary. I also hear they caterer and plan various events, and that will be on my next to do list. So far, their service has been excellent, as well as their staff; you just feel like you at home here.

James Golden

A couple of months ago, I hired this restaurant to cater the food for my kids’ birthday, and they did a fantastic job. All our guest asked us where did we get the food? Everything was packed and decorated so nicely, and the food was delicious.

Monica Christman

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